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"Can whiteheads grow on scabs?"


I have a pretty huge scab on my leg from where I wiped out on my bike a week ago (road rash). I wasn't really paying it much attention until recently when I started getting a rash of what look just like whiteheads ON TOP OF the scab. Are these whiteheads or something more serious I should deal with?


It sounds like you really took a spill. The best doctor to see initially for this type of problem would be a primary care physician (such as a family doctor or pediatrician) or a dermatologist depending on what your initial diagnosis is. Road rash abrasions can be quite dirty when they occur and without very prompt wound cleaning, they can often get infected.

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White heads are not typically something that pops up within a scab, but it is possible. It is possible that your wound was just fairly dirty and along with the a general soft tissue infection, you had pores that got clogged with the dirt and debris from the fall. Its also possible that you are just seeing pus from an infection underneath the scab that is poking its head above the scab and appearing like white heads. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician soon. He or she can take a close look at the rash on the scab and determine if it is something abnormal or if it needs further evaluation by another specialist such as a dermatologist. Good luck, and try to be more careful on your bike from now on.

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