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"Do moles fall out?"

ZocdocAnswersDo moles fall out?


I had what seemed like a small mole developing on my shoulder for a while (it was smallish, brown, unassuming) which I duly ignored. Recently, though, when I was drying off after a show, it sloughed off on the towel, leaving a bloody spot behind. Is this normal behavior for a mole, or was it something else?


Physicians that diagnose skin conditions such as moles include primary care physicians (such as a family doctor) and dermatologists. In the case of suspicious moles, you may very well warrant a dermatology consultation. I must say that a mole that sloughs off of the skin is a little unusual. They usually are adherent to the rest of your skin in a way that does not allow for simple rubbing with a towel for it to come off. Nevertheless, it seams that whatever it was, it fell off. If the spot was only around for a short time, it may have been a scab. If it was truly a mole, then I would be concerned about what happened to its integrity causing it to fall off. The only way for a physician to tell is to examine the area where the mole was. Any pictures you may have of it would help as well. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician sooner than later. He or she can look at the area where the mole was preferably before it completely heals. Depending on what is seen, your doctor may decide to get a biopsy of the area to be sure that the area does not have any suspicious cells. Either way, you may end up needing to see a dermatologist to rule out anything concerning. Good luck.

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