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"Does lying down help lessen vertigo?"


When my young daughter (8 years old) got an attack of vertigo, we were scared and didn't know what was happening. My husband encouraged her to lie down and stay that way for a long time. Is that a good idea? I know it made her feel better, but is lying down actually the right thing to do for vertigo?


Vertigo is defined as the sensation of spinning. This is why it is often described as dizziness. It can cause someone to lose their balance and fall or even cause them to become nauseous and vomit.

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The right thing to do for vertigo depends on its cause. Vertigo can have several different causes. The most common is something called benign positional vertigo and occurs when the body is put in certain positions. It is okay to lay down during these attacks because it may place the body in a more favorable position and relieve the symptoms. Also, it prevents the person from falling, which should be avoided when balance is off. Another possible cause of vertigo is a brain tumor. Vertigo from a tumor would not necessarily be helped by lying down, though it probably would not hurt. The right thing for you to do at this point is for you to take you daughter to see her pediatrician. He or she will take a more detailed history of your daughter's symptoms and perform a through neuralgic exam on her. The most important thing is that you get to the bottom of why she is getting these attacks of vertigo. I hope she feels better.

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