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"Can skin tags form on gums?"

ZocdocAnswersCan skin tags form on gums?


Is it possible to have a skin tag form on your gum? I'm 32 and I have several skin tags on other parts of my body, but I've never had them near my face or mouth before. Now I have something that looks like a skin tag on the gum tissus above my top left incisor. Skin tag or something else?


The short answer is that you should see a specialist to address the issue in the near future. While it very well could be a normal finding, it is difficult to say anything without more information, and especially an examination and possible biopsy. Important questions to ask would be with regards to you (such as your medical history, if you use or abuse any substances such as alcohol or tobacco, have been exposed to human papillomavirus, the medical history of your family, and whether or not there is a family history of rare disorders or head and neck cancer). It would also be important to clarify if the lesion is painful, growing, bleeding, changing in any way, or in a bite line or somewhere else where the oral mucosa is irritated frequently. If the answer to all of those questions is no or none, there is a better chance that the soft tissue growth is not of grave concern. However, regardless of what your answers to those questions are, you should be seen by a physician who can look at and feel the lesion to see if there is anything more ominous present. Some cancers will begin with small skin growths similar to what you are describing. It is also common to have small papillomas or other benign swellings of the oral mucosa. The best way to know for sure and to avoid something serious is to see a physician soon.

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