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"Can IUDs cause cystitis?"

ZocdocAnswersCan IUDs cause cystitis?


I would like to get an IUD because that seems like the safest birth control. But I have had long-term problems with a susceptibility to getting cystitis. Is cystitis risk something I should consider in my evaluation of IUDs, or is it a non issue?


In general IUDs are very safe and effective methods of birth control. They are placed by inserting the devise through the cervix into the uterus where they sit and act to prevent conception. There are two classes of IUDs. There is the copper IUD that does not have any medicines it releases. This type is good for women that want a very long term, but not permanent method of contraception. The copper IUD can last 10 years. Major complaints is that periods can be heavier and cramping more severe. The medicated IUD such as the Mirena IUD only last 5 years, but have more favorable side effects. They do not cause cramping and periods tend to be very light or even non-existent which is a positive for most women. Since these devises sit up in the uterus and away from the bladder and urethra, none of the IUDs increase your risk for cystitis. There is a very small theoretical increased risk of pelvic inflammatory disease, but it is not clear if this is worth considering. I suggest you schedule an appointment with you OBGYN for a contraception consultation. The two of you together can determine which method of birth control is best for you. Good luck.

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