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"What is a sclerotic lesion?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is a sclerotic lesion?


What exactly is a sclerotic lesion? I'm in my 50s and my doctor was acting like it was very serious problem warranting a lot of further testing that he found a sclerotic lesion on a scan, but as best as I could tell from his description, this just means that the bone is dense in that spot?


Sclerosis when describing bone is defined as a pathologic thickening of the bone. Usually one area of bone will show this increased thickening. Sclerotic lesions are often seen in long bones, but can be seen in most, if not all, bones of the body. The sclerosis is caused by increased calcium deposits forming in a small area of he bone. These sclerotic lesions are best seen on imaging studies that pick up calcium like x-rays and CAT scans. The reason that your physician was concerned after this sclerotic lesion was found was because these are often signs of underlying disease, especially neoplasms. There are certain metastatic lesions that can often present with bone pain and sclerosis on x-rays. Further work up to find the underlying cause of a sclerotic lesion is definitely warranted, and may include whole body imaging studies. The discussion regarding various metastatic lesions, the presenting symptoms and possible treatment strategies are beyond the scope of this discussion. Please follow up with your primary care physician or the physician who diagnosed the sclerotic lesion for further work up and possible treatment options. Your physician will be able to look over your entire clinical history and presenting complaints and best decide the proper work up.

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