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"How does one treat a burn?"

ZocdocAnswersHow does one treat a burn?


What is the best way to treat a burn? I got careless a few days ago around the stove and gave myself a pretty severe oil burn on my hand and wrist. I'm just trying to let it kind of dry out but my friend is saying that I should keep it wrapped to prevent infection. What's the ideal way to do this?


Burns can be very painful. All burns should be evaluated by a qualified health care professional because their treatment is different depending on the degree and type. You can be seen by a primary care physician such as a family doctor or an emergency physician. Burns can occur in a variety of forms and degrees. A chemical burn is treated differently from a hot oil burn which is also different from an electrical burn. It the case of your oil burn, I cannot tell from your question how sever it is. A first degree burn only involves the epidermis (top layer of the skin). It usually turns your skin red and it hurts. An example of a first degree burn is a sunburn. A second degree burn involves the dermis and whole dermis and thus can result in blistering. If your burn has produced any blisters, then it may be a second degree burn. The first two degrees are usually treated with topical antiseptic agents and light wrapping. A third degree burn involves structures below the skin an may need surgical attention to remove dead tissue. I suggest that you schedule an appointment today with your primary care physician. He or she can examine your wound, determine what degree is is, and recommend the appropriate treatment.

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