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"Do epileptics cough a lot?"

ZocdocAnswersDo epileptics cough a lot?


I have epilepsy, which I was diagnosed with as a child. I also have chronic breathing difficulties, mostly just a persistent dry cough that I cannot get rid of. I recently started wondering if there could be a connection between these two things. Do epileptics cough a lot?


Epilepsy is characterized by rhythmic abnormal electrical activity in the brain causing seizures. There are a variety of seizure types that are beyond the scope of this discussion. With the information given, it is difficult to tell what the nature of your chronic coughing spells are . Are they associated with primary lung problems, asthma, or another disease? There is no consistent and well known associations between epilepsy and chronic coughing. On the other hand, it is possible that the side effects from some of the antiepileptic medications you take may be the cause of your chronic cough. It also could be that these are two issues are totally unrelated. Visit your primary care doctor or neurologist to further evaluate whether there is some underlying cause for your cough that may be related to your antiepileptic medications or medical history. There are case reports of a certain syndrome known as cough syncope which can be misinterpreted for epilepsy. In this disease, patients are usually overweight, heavy smokers, and have a history of sleep apnea. To obtain further information regarding your epilepsy and what signs and symptoms are most associated with this disease, please visit your neurologist or primary care physician to obtain more information.

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