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"What is LipoLaser weight loss surgery? "


I was reading a pamphlet for some brand of weight loss surgery that is supposed to be very effective and is accomplished by using lasers. How does this work? How effective is it? Is it very painful? I just don't want to fall prey to another scam.


Lipo-laser is a type of fat reduction therapy that has been available for some time in other parts of the world and has recently been approved in the United States. Consequently, centers offering the therapy are cropping up all over. The lipo-laser technique is supposed to work by applying a laser light to the surface of the skin, resulting in 'burning away' or 'melting away' of the fat underneath.

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Advantages of such a technique would be that it would not require surgery, like traditional liposuction, and therefore would be less painful and would have less complications related to infection, bleeding, and the like. There are no good scientific studies showing that the Lipo-laser works. There have been a few small studies but not well designed, and most of the information available on the internet on the technology is offered by people whose clinics profit from the technique. Therefore, I think caution and common sense is the best approach. In particular, you should pick a cosmetic or plastic surgeon that you trust and have an honest discussion with them about which options are available to you and which options are most likely to produce the result that you are hoping for.

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