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"Can cysts grow on top of one's scrotum?"


Is it possible for a cyst to grow on top of a man's scrotum? I have a large bump on the top surface of my scrotum that has the same appearance and texture as two large cysts that I got on the inside of my thigh when I was a young man, but I don't want to assume that it's benign.


There are a couple of possibilities here. I am not sure what type of cysts you had on the inside of your thigh, but it sounds like they may have been folliculitis, a type of infection of the base of the hair shaft that is quite common. The same type of infection can also occur on the scrotum, as the hairs there can easily becoming infected as well.

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Similar to folliculitis are ingrown hairs. These occur when the hair doubles back on itself and grows back into the base of the hair shaft. This plugs the pore, causes inflammation and redness which can sometimes be indistinguishable from folliculitis. Both ingrown hairs and folliculitis rarely require medical treatment, but if the involved area is very enlarged, painful, or red, you should see a doctor to make sure lancing the area or taking antibiotics is not necessary. A final possibility would be genital warts. These can occur throughout the pubic region and are caused by infection with the human papilloma virus. Unlike the other possibilities, the warts are soft, fleshy, and not usually painful. You should have the spots checked out by your primary care doctor in order to obtain a definitive diagnosis.

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