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"What causes one's pelvis to tip forward?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat causes one's pelvis to tip forward?


What causes a woman's pelvis to tip forward? I recently had a chiropractic exam during which my doctor told me that I have a tipped pelvis but we didn't really discuss this in detail. What does it mean that my pelvis is tipped? What's the best way to correct it? Will it require surgery?


To most medical doctors chiropractic medicine is a complementary or alternative practice. It most likely is helpful for some people, but it lacks evidence from scientific studies and thus cannot be recommended to everyone. Chiropractic medicine is a discipline that centers around the idea that misalignments in the spine cause pain and many other health problems. They are focused on how these bones interact. The pelvis is connected to the sacral bone at the end of the spinal cord. Your chiropractor's reference to a tipped pelvis is most likely his or her interpretation of the angle at which your pelvis links to your sacrum. This type of occurrence does not have a lot of meaning to a medical doctor. This is because there is little if any evidence that these types of chiropractic findings have any significance to your health. If you are having a problem with your lower back or pelvis, I would suggest scheduling an appointment with your primary care physician. He or she can examine your back and determine if there is any muscle, skeletal, or neurological abnormalities. In certain cases, your doctor may order some imaging such as an MRI of the spine. Either way, your problem does not seem to need surgery, although only your primary care physician can tell for sure. Good luck.

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