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"What is the specific carbohydrate diet?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is the specific carbohydrate diet?


What is the specific carbohydrate diet? Several people in this weight loss forum I use have been arguing that it's a diet with a lot of data backing up its effectiveness for weight loss but I can't find any complete and clear explanation of how it works and what it does. Is it a legit diet?


There are many different types of diets and a lot of contradictory data regarding the value of these diets. Before starting any diet I would encourage you to talk to your doctor. Some of these diets are dangerous and / or ineffective and therefore running it by a medical professional is advisable. In addition, he or she maybe able to set you up with a nutritionist or dietitian who can provide you with even further information regarding this issue. In general, there is much debate regarding carbohydrates in one's diet. Carbohydrates are essentially sugar energy...both the sweet sugars as well as the complex sugars in bread, pasta, potatoes etc. These are the first things that your body breaks up (as opposed to fat or protein). The thought of the Atkin's diet and many others is to eat very little carbohydrates. The thought of other diets like Mediterranean and many other is to eat mostly carbohydrates (and little fat). Regardless, there is data that these are only minimally effective. They may work for a few pounds at six months, but at one year most people gain the weight back. They are not sustainable and therefore not long term solutions. In general, the best diet strategy is portion control. Eating a moderate amount of all food groups is the best and only effective strategy. Many people think the only reason carbohydrates diets work is because cutting out bread, pasta, potatoes etc makes you eat less. Talk to your doctor for more information.

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