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"What are the symptoms of hip arthritis?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are the symptoms of hip arthritis?


What symptoms are caused by hip arthritis? I know arthritis runs in my family, but I have never had symptoms until recently. I?m a woman, just entering middle age, and I have had pain upon standing and walking sometimes, but I thought this could be an old running injury coming back to haunt me.


Hip arthritis is a very common problem in middle aged to older adults, and it sometimes requires medical treatment. The doctors who will be well qualified to discuss this issue with you in greater detail include your primary care doctor or your orthopedic doctor. The most common form of hip arthritis is called osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is 'wear and tear' arthritis that occurs with age. In the early stages, hip arthritis will present as hip pain with exercise. This pain will be worse after exercising or after a long day but will improve with rest or anti inflammatory drugs. Sometimes the pain of the hip can be felt all the way down in the knee. As the arthritis progresses more stiffness is felt and there can be an ability to exercise as before. There can even be weakness at the hip or loss of mobility. Early stages can be treated with anti inflammatory drugs as prescribed by your doctor, whereas more advanced forms may require injections or even surgery. As always the diagnosis and the management of your particular concern will require a physical examination by your personal physician. Setting up an office visit with your primary care doctor might be advised.

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