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"Does the Lipo Laser affect one's ab strength?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes the Lipo Laser affect one's ab strength?


I'm thinking about getting the lipo laser procedure done because I want to sculpt my midsection. But I'm worried about the effect that the laser could have on the surrounding muscles. I want to have strong abs. Does the lipo laser affect the strength of your muscles at all? I don't really know how it works.


Many liposuction procedures are done throughout the United States every year. These procedures all work by removing and sculpting the fatty tissue overlying the abdominal muscles. As such, the lipo laser as well as all other liposuction techniques should not cause any damage to the underlying muscles. Of course, as with any procedure, there are risks associated with having this procedure done. One risk is that the underlying muscle is damaged during the procedure. There is also bruising that can be very common and painful after the procedure. So the lipo laser would not affect the strength of your muscles in any way, although some of the techniques used to sculpt the fatty tissue can leave the impression of strong abdominal muscles when in fact it is this fatty tissue that is sculpted to appear as though you have a six pack. This procedure is usually done by plastic surgeons and they would be the best physicians to give you more information on the risks and benefits of this procedure, and what nonsurgical alternatives are available. A good diet and exercise are also important to improving your overall health and will help you obtain the physical form that you are looking for.

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