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"Is it normal to run a temperature before bed?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it normal to run a temperature before bed?


Is it normal for a person's body temperature to get high just before bedtime? My boyfriend doesn't notice himself, but I've observed that he seems almost to be running a fever when it gets late and he's sleepy. Could this mean that he's sick in some way, or it it a normal trait that some people have?


Many people have questions about the way the body functions as it prepares for sleep! Fortunately it does not sound like your boyfriend has a serious problem, but his primary care doctor would always be available to discuss things. The body normally has fluctuations in its temperature, hormones, and other processes during today. Taken together, this is called the circadian rhythm and reflects how people's bodies adjust to light-dark cycles. As part of the circadian rhythm, it is normal for the body's temperature to fall (not rise) shortly before bed. This is thought to trigger sleepiness and to help get a good night's sleep. Unless you have actually measured your boyfriend's temperature and demonstrated a fever, my suspicion is that your circadian rhythm is faster than his and that your body temperature has already fallen in the evenings before his. This means that when you touch him, he will feel warm to you. This is not because he has a fever but because your own temperature is lowering. As always the diagnosis and the management of any medical condition requires a physical examination by your personal physician. Any concerning symptoms should be discussed directly with a primary care doctor.

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