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"Can pus in the urethra cause lower back pain?"

ZocdocAnswersCan pus in the urethra cause lower back pain?


I have recently been finding a small amount of pus in my urethra. I don't know what's causing it, but I also have had really bad pain in my lower back for about a month. Could there be some kind of connection between these two things? If so, should I go to a doctor or can I treat it myself?


Many people have concerns about urinary and pelvic pain symptoms. Most of the time this requires medical evaluation. The doctors who will be well qualified to discuss this issue with you in greater detail include your primary care doctor. The symptoms that you describe are highly concerning for a sexually transmitted infection, such as chlamydia or gonorrhea. The signs of these infections include pain with urination and discharge or pus at the urethra. In men, this pus can often be milked up to the tip of the penis. If the infection spreads up the urethra it may infect the prostate or the bladder. In women, the infection can spread up into the uterus and ovaries. This infection is called pelvic inflammatory disease and can cause serious scarring and infection of the pelvic organs leading to infertility. Simple tests can determine if you have chlamydia or gonorrhea. In the meantime you should refrain from any sexual contact to avoid potentially passing on an infection. As always the diagnosis and the management of your particular concern will require a physical examination by your personal physician. Setting up an office visit with your primary care doctor as soon as possible is highly recommended.

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