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"How does diet affect interstitial cystitis?"

ZocdocAnswersHow does diet affect interstitial cystitis?


How does a person's diet affect interstitial cystitis? I was just diagnosed with this kind of cystitis several days ago, and I remember the doctor saying something about changing my eating habits, but I was trying to take in a lot information at the time, so I don't really remember?


Interstitial cystitis can result in many very distressing symptoms. Physicians that can help you with treatment of this disease include primary care physicians such as family doctors or internal medicine doctors but also specialists such as urologists. Dietary modifications in the treatment of interstitial cystitis is an area that has not been studied extensively enough for there to be routine recommendations given for all patients. The general rule of thumb is that if you get relief from cutting something out, then you should try to avoid that food. Patients with interstitial cystitis for a long time generally know which foods they should avoid. Things to start with would be cutting out coffee, high salt and high sugar foods and see how you feel. I suggest that you bring this issue up with your primary care physician or urologist at your next visit. He or she can review a list of foods and beverages that are thought to exacerbate interstitial cystitis symptoms. You can try cutting certain things out to see if you have an improvement in your symptoms. Remember, not everyone will get relief from dietary modifications. I hope you find a healthy way to get some relief. Good luck.

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