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"Can someone with cerebral palsy get pregnant?"


Can a woman with cerebral palsy get pregnant and have a normal pregnancy? If I were to get pregnant, is it possible that my baby would be at a greater risk of developing cerebral palsy too? (I know the condition isn't directly inherited, but what about risk conditions?)


As many cases of cerebral palsy are caused by factors associated with a difficult birthing process, most of these cases will not have any genetic problems, and these should be able to have a normal pregnancy. In other words, for many people with cerebral palsy, pregnancy will be experienced relatively similarly to the experience of those without cerebral palsy, and there will be no greater risk of your child having cerebral palsy or another condition. These may not hold true if you have any associated genetic abnormalities along with your cerebral palsy, as these genetic conditions may be passed on to your child.

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In this case, it would be advisable to discuss your situation with a medical genetics specialist prior to getting pregnancy to discuss your risks. It is also important, before getting pregnant, to talk with your OB / GYN doctor about your intentions to get pregnant. This is because some medical problems that are common in people with cerebral palsy may need special attention before and during the pregnancy. A good example of this is a seizure disorder; some seizure medications are associated with birth defects, and doses or types of medications may need to be adjusted prior to conception.

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