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"Interstitial Cystitis - Does homeopathic therapy exist for interstitial cystitis?"

ZocdocAnswersInterstitial Cystitis - Does homeopathic therapy exist for interstitial cystitis?


I want to treat my interstitial cystitis with the most natural techniques possible. Is it possible to treat interstitial cystitis (or similar infections) using homeopathic treatments? What about other naturopathic techniques?


Interstitial cystitis is a chronic inflammation of the lining of the bladder which leads to pain with urination, urgency with urination, and pelvic pain. It is a difficult condition to treat, as there is no clear sign of infection or other major underlying cause, making the condition essentially a chronic pain disorder. There are no effective homeopathic techniques for treating interstitial cystitis.

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However, there are multiple simple interventions that many people with interstitial cystitis find helpful. For example: Many people with interstitial cystitis find that diet plays a major role in their flare ups. The foods that are most often associated with interstitial cystitis flares include carbonated beverages, spicy foods, citrus, alcohol, processed meats and cheeses, nuts, and refined flours. Experimenting with eliminated some or all of these food items may be of help to you. Additionally, many patients find that stress reduction and other lifestyle measures such as meditation and acupuncture are helpful for them. A large nutraceuticals industry markets products for interstitial cystitis (for example probiotics); although there is no evidence that any single nutraceutical product works well for everyone, many patients have found a product that seems to relieve some of their symptoms. Your urologist or OB GYN doctor may be able to provide you with additional resources in your area.

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