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"Do babies have different average body temperatures than adults?"


Do babies have a different average body temperature than adults? I've noticed that my 10 month old baby always seems to be a little warm - nothing dangerous, just over 99 instead of 98.6. It doesn't seem likely that this is a long-term fever or anything, so is it just different for babies?


Any question about whether your baby's temperature is normal or not can be directed towards your baby's pediatrician. They are the best resource for you to get information about what is normal and abnormal for your child. Normal body temperature varies throughout the day and is controlled by special parts of the brain.

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This temperature can vary normally as much as 0.9 degrees F. Thus it will be different depending on the time of day. In addition, beyond the newborn period, infants and young children generally have higher body temperatures than do older children and adults. This is because of their higher metabolic rates and surface area to body weight ratio. Therefore, it could be considered normal for your baby to have a peak temperature during the day of 99.8 F without it being considered a fever. This won't be true later in your child's life when the normal temperature will be lower. I suggest you schedule an appointment with your baby's pediatrician. Have your baby's temperature taken with the office instrument. Your child's doctor can take a look at the numbers and say for sure whether they are abnormal or not. I hope that answer helped.

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