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"How can one lower their high blood pressure now?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can one lower their high blood pressure now?


If a person (male, age 52) has high blood pressure, what's the best way to lower it immediately? I've been medicated for a while, and haven't had much of a result, which means that I'm still in a very high risk situation. I read about an operation on your kidney nerves - is that a possibility?


The most common therapy for high blood pressure is anti-hypertensive medications. There are many different anti-hypertensive medications on the market and is it likely that if your blood pressure is not controlled on whatever medication you are taking right now, your doctor will likely need to increase the dose or add an additional medication. many patients are on high doses of multiple medications in order to control their blood pressure. in fact, patients with very difficult to control blood pressure may be on 5 to 6 different medications for blood pressure. of course, in addition to the meds losing weight through improved diet and exercise can also have a significantly positive effect on your blood pressure. to address your question about kidney surgery: there is a far less common cause of high blood pressure that is due to disease in the arteries supplying the kidneys know as 'renal artery stenosis.' this condition is normally diagnosed after a patient's blood pressure fails to respond to multiple medications at optimal dosing. The condition can be confirmed with an ultrasound study of kidneys and their blood supply and may be treated with surgical stenting of the renal arteries. however, as i mentioned, this is an infrequent cause of high blood pressure. The next best step for you to improve your bp control is to visit your doctor, adjust your medications and possible add some new meds, and in the meantime continue to work on improving your diet and increasing the amount of exercise you get on a regular basis. hope this helps!

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