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"What can a pelvis MRI show a doctor?"


I'm a woman in my mid 20's and I've been experiencing VERY severe problems with my reproductive system. As a result, my doctor has said he'd like to conduct a pelvic MRI on me, but he didn't get specific about what we can learn from it. Why would you do a pelvic MRI? What does it tell a doctor, and what's the worstcase scenario?


From the clinical vignette, it is difficult to tell exactly what types of problems you are having with your reproductive system. There is a large gamut of reproductive problems that you may be experiencing. Regardless of the underlying problem, an MRI of your pelvis, as with an MRI of any body part, is a good method to evaluate soft tissue structures.

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Unlike a CAT scan which is best able to evaluate bone and bony structures, MRIs can best detect changes in soft tissue structures and possible lesions associated with soft tissue regions. If your physician wants to obtain an MRI of the pelvis, it is likely that he or she is concerned that you may have a mass lesion or other abnormality within your pelvis that may explain your reproductive symptoms. Fibroids can cause painful symptoms that can lead to difficulty with your reproductive system, although various cancers can also be of concern. The MRI may require that you receive a special contrast into your veins called gadolinium. If you have an allergy to this contrast, or if you have any problems with your kidneys, please let your doctor know as this may be a contraindication to having contrast during your MRI. Please discuss these concerns with your primary care physician who will be able to evaluate your medical history and presenting symptoms and best decide upon a course for your follow up.

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