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"Can a uterus rupture during labor?"

ZocdocAnswersCan a uterus rupture during labor?


I'm a mom who recently gave birth to my first child. Everthing seemed to go fine, and my baby is healthy (now three weeks old) but I have some residual aching that just won't seem to subside. Just now I read about 'uterine rupture' and got scared. How would I know if I had a uterine rupture?


First, congratulations on the new baby! I'm glad everything is going fine and that your baby is healthy. Post partum issues including pain should be brought up with the OBGYN that delivered your baby. Uterine rupture is a rare catastrophic event that occurs during labor where the uterine wall breaks. It results in sudden severe abdominal pain followed by a change in the contour of the abdomen and instability for both mother and baby. It requires emergency C section with repair or post birth hysterectomy. Without repair, rupture often results in death. I think it would be very unlikely for uterine rupture to go unnoticed during your delivery. Risk factor for uterine rupture include prior c-section while trying to deliver a second baby vaginally, and prolonged labor. Most likely the discomfort you are experiencing is your muscles and connective tissues recovering after delivery. Your residual aching should resolve shortly, but nevertheless should be evaluated by a doctor. I suggest you schedule an appointment with your OBGYN. He or she can perform a thorough physical exam and determine if your pain is out of proportion to the normal recovery from delivery. I hope everything goes well. Good luck.

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