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"Are colposcopies safe during pregnancy?"


Is it safe for a woman in her second trimester to get a colposcopy? I have been having some issues that my obgyn thinks are only resolvable by way of colposcopy, but she is not being clear about what risks this represents for the baby I'm carrying. Should I go through with it?


It is always good to ask a lot of question anytime your doctor wants to do a test that makes you uncomfortable, especially when you are pregnant. The best type of physician to about this type of problem is an OBGYN. A colposcopy is a diagnostic technique that is utilized mostly to identify areas of the cervix which have the potential to progress into cervical cancer.

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The technique is done by placing a special solution with acetic acid on the cervix which turns these suspicious areas white. From there a biopsy of the cervix can be done. For the most part, a colposcopy can be done safely during pregnancy. The bigger question is how much of a cervical biopsy would you tolerate while pregnant. Certainly you would not be able to undergo any endocervical procedures which are often done after colposcopy. An important question is why your OBGYN thinks a colposcopy needs to be done this urgently. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with the OBGYN that is caring for you during your pregnancy. Discuss the risks an benefits of having the colposcopy before having your child versus having it afterwards. After getting information about your particular situation, you will be able to make a more informed decision. Good luck.

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