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"What is abdominal colpopexy surgery?"


What exactly is abdominal colpopexy? I'm worried about the health of a friend who's in the hospital and wrote that this is the kind of surgery she's getting. I read something about a ""mesh"" system that I didn't understand at all. Why do this procedure? What is the result?


Colpopexy surgery is a generic term to describe several different surgical procedures which are designed to fix different types of genital prolapse. Genital prolapse occurs when a structure within the pelvis (most often in women after having multiple kids) begin to fall onto the vagina causing the walls of the vagina to protrude out of the opening. Structures that fall out of place include the bladder and rectum.

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Colpopexy surgery is designed to support and suspend those organs back into their original place preventing the prolapse. The mesh that is used is a material that is used to replace suspension ligaments to essentially "tie" the organs to the abdominal wall back into their original position. Non surgical options for vaginal prolapse included the use of a variety of pessaries. Pessaries are plastic devices which are inserted into the vagina to keep the organs in this area in place. They can be uncomfortable and therefore are only the preferred option for those in which surgery is not possible or for those who do not desire surgery. Keep in mind that your friend will likely benefit quite a bit from this surgery. While it does carry some risks, the benefits outweigh these risks substantially in most people.

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