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"Why don't some women get pregnant?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy don't some women get pregnant?


Why don't some women get pregnant? I am well into fertility treatments because my husband and I have had trouble conceiving for years, and they just can't find anything wrong with either of us. If they can't ultimately find medical problems, why is this happening?


Since you are already deep in to treatment, it sounds like you probably have had a thorough evaluation of your fertility. What I will do is discuss all the different areas of the conception process that must be evaluated in order to determine why a couple is not getting pregnant. For pregnancy to occur, many things have to come together. From the male side, he must have normal sexual function, there must be an adequate sperm count, and sperm movement must be normal. From the female side there must be normal ovulation that occurs near the middle of your cycle. Your fallopian tubes must not be obstructed, and they must have normally functioning cilia to transport the fertilized egg to the uterus. Finally, you must have normally functioning inner lining of your uterus for implantation. All these areas need looked at to determine the cause of infertility. Unfortunately, in some couples no cause is every definitively found. At your next appointment with your fertility specialist, make sure to discuss what tests have been done, which causes of infertility have been ruled out, and what additional testing still needs to be done. In the mean time, you can buy an ovulation detector at the grocery store which can tell you the opportune time to have intercourse. This way you are at least increasing your chances of getting pregnant while the investigation continues. Good luck.

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