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"Can moles form in and around the vagina?"


Is it possible for moles to form in and around the vagina? I know I should be concerned that these are a symptom of an STD, but they really do look more like moles than anything else, so I'm not sure what to think. They're small, dark, firm, and kind of scattered around that area.


As with most questions that are asked via the internet, it is hard to say for certain what you are describing. Yes, you should be concerned about any new growth that appears in the area around your vagina, and yes, moles can occur in any mucosal surface (including the mouth and genitals) as well. While moles can, and often do, appear in the genital area, it is not common for multiple moles to appear within a short time in this area.

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The most important question to ask in follow up to your question is with regard to the timing of these new spots. Have they been there for your entire life, and now you are just noticing them? Are they brand new? Have they been there but are now changing in some way (darker, larger, tender, etc)? All of these are the kinds of questions that would have to be answered before any definitive answer could be given. Also important would be to define your risk factors for a possible sexually transmitted disease, including number of sexual partners, history of an STD, use of barrier contraception, etc. In short, what you really need is a good physical exam by an OB/GYN or family practice doctor, as well as a complete sexual health screening.

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