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"Can one reverse getting their tubes tied?"


If I get my tubes tied, is it reversible? I'm definitely considering getting my own tubes tied, and the doctor keeps saying that it's absolutely permanent - and yet, when I look online, I've found people advertising the reversal procedure. Is the reversal real, safe reliable, etc?


There are different options for tubal ligation. People most commonly think about the procedure where each of the fallopian tubes are cut and sewn, although this can be done in a variety of ways by the gynecologist. It is true that it is possible to reconnect the tubes after they have been "tied".

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However the success of pregnancy is quite variable afterward. This is dependent upon the age of the female, time since tubal ligation performed, and the technique utilized for the ligation. Other factors that must be considered include the length of the fallopian tubes. It is important to remember that there are risks associated with each procedure. In addition, if the reversal is done, the risk of an ectopic pregnancy is much higher. If you would like to leave the option open to have children in the future, there are variety of options for contraception that are thought not be permanent. One option is an IUD, which can remain in for 5-10 years. Other options are Nuvaring and hormonal regimens. It is important for you to talk to a gynecologist about this to discuss the possibilities for tubal ligation and reversal as well as evaluate the benefits and risks.

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