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"Is vaginal discharge without odor common?"

ZocdocAnswersIs vaginal discharge without odor common?


is it normal to have vaginal discharge with no odor? Every illness or disease I read about stipulates that vaginal discharge is a problem when it has a bad odor to it, but mine doesn't. It varies in color and texture. Is this a problem or isn't it?


Vaginal discharge is a normal part of the way the body functions. All women have a small amount of vaginal discharge, which is produced by the vagina's normal mucus glands. Usually this discharge is white or clear and may be produced in sufficient enough quantities to moisten but not saturate undergarments. This normal vaginal mucus can also vary a bit in color and texture with the menstrual cycle. For example, there is often a thickening of mucus around ovulation, and just before frank menstruation there may be darkening of the mucus. Vaginal discharge is not normal if it is present in very large quantities, if it has a foul odor, or if it is accompanied by itching or burning of the vagina or pain or burning with urination. These symptoms might be signs of a sexually transmitted infection, and they should be check out by your primary care doctor, who can rule out the possibility with some simple office tests and a physical examination. As always, if there is any concern at all that you might have a sexually transmitted infection you should refrain from sexual intercourse until you have been tested to prevent passing along an infection to a sexual partner.

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