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"Are itchy breasts normal during ovulation?"

ZocdocAnswersAre itchy breasts normal during ovulation?


I'm a young woman whose breasts get intensely itchy during ovulation. Is this normal? Most descriptions I find of ovulation focus on the symptoms for a woman's vagina, but my breasts are definitely the more prominent part of the experience. How uncommon is this?


Just before, during, and after ovulation, women experience a whole host of hormonal changes. There are several different ways women can detect if and when they ovulate and these sensations are quite variable between women. Itchy breasts is not one of the prominent reported symptoms associated with ovulation, but that doesn't mean that it isn't real for you. Just before ovulation, there is a rise in free estrogen levels which act in part to usher in the hormones that induce ovulation. Estrogen also causes changes in the breasts including size (larger), and how they feel. Thus it is not unreasonable that your breasts would be your indicator that you are nearing ovulation. Other indicators of ovulation that are more classic include changes in your cervical mucus, a phenomenon known as Mittelschmerz (pain and cramping due to ovulation), and a rise in body temperature of about 0.4 degrees F. If you are trying to get pregnant and you are having difficulties, then I would suggest that you buy a home ovulation test to make sure that the sensations you feel are consistent with what is actually going on. In addition, it never hurts to bring these issues up with your OBGYN who can give you more in depth information.

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