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"Can one become pregnant while using Mirena?"

ZocdocAnswersCan one become pregnant while using Mirena?


What are the chances that a woman will become pregnant while using Mirena? Is this particular brand any better or worse than other kinds of birth control?


Mirena and other intrauterine methods of contraception are among the most effective means of preventing pregnancy. When used correctly, the rate of pregnancy over the first year after implantation is about 0.1%. That means that, on average, only one out of every thousand women who use a Mirena will become pregnant during the first year. A Mirena IUD (Implantable Uterine Device) is effective for seven years, but is generally removed (per the FDA) after 5 years. Over the course of that seven year period, only about 1 of every one hundred women will become pregnant. Compared to most other methods of contraception, this is much more effective. There are other factors to consider when choosing a contraceptive, however. For example, it is important to realize that a Mirena and other forms of IUDs will not prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Only abstinence and condoms have been shown to decrease the transmission of diseases such as HIV. Current pregnancy, copper allergy, abnormal uterine shape, active infection, or having more than one sexual partner, or a partner with more than one partner are some reasons to not have an IUD such as a Mirena. It is important to counsel with your physician for all of these reasons prior to deciding which type of birth control to use. If you are in a stable relationship with no active medical issues and desire a highly effective contraceptive, a Mirena IUD might be appropriate for you.

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