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"Is there a cure for myopia?"


My mother is severly myopic, but she can't get laser surgery because she has astigmatism and a history of blood vessels breaking in her eyes. Is there any othe rkind of ""cure"" for myopia, or is she limited to wearing contact lenses and glasses for the rest of her life?


Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a condition in which light is not focused properly through the cornea and the lens and therefore falls short of landing squarely on the retina, which is the light sensing portion of the eye. This leads to blurring vision, especially when seeing things more than a few feet from the face. Traditionally, myopia is treated by wearing corrective lenses, either glasses or contacts, that help to refocus the light in the proper way onto the retina.

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More recently, laser surgery has become a very popular way to treat myopia. It works by reshaping the surface of the cornea from the outside to improve light focusing. Although expensive, the great advantage is that it allow people to no longer where corrective lenses. Unfortunately, although laser surgery is good for most people, occasionally there are people for whom it is not suitable. It sounds like your mother has already had an appointment with her eye doctor, who has told her that laser surgery will not work for her. Also unfortunately, there are no other curative options available for fixing myopia. For patients who are unable to have the laser surgery performed, they must continue to use glasses or contact lenses for now.

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