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"Can Lasik surgery cause vertigo?"

ZocdocAnswersCan Lasik surgery cause vertigo?


Ever since I had laser eye surgery (which I found very nauseating and disturbing) I've been having mild attacks of nausea and vertigo. Could it be that the laser surgery procedure has now led to my having a vertigo problem, or is the timing just a coincidence? How should I treat this?


Lasik surgery involves using lasers to reshape the cornea (the clear part of the eye) in order to refocus beams of light and correct vision problems. Since there is no cutting, it is very unlikely that any damage would result from the Lasik procedure that would lead to vertigo and nausea. Usually vertigo is caused by an inflammation of the inner ear, often provoked by viruses, or by small stones that get lodged in the inner ear. Lasik surgery does not go anywhere near here, so should not have this effect. Sometimes, the vision correction after Lasik is not perfect, and if you are experience blurry vision or another visual disturbance this may provoke a sensation of nausea or a lack of depth perception and should be checked out by your eye doctor. Another possibility is that a recent medication change is responsible for the nausea and vertigo. Sometimes, after surgery, medications are prescribed for discomfort; many of these can cause nausea or dizziness. Most likely, however, the nausea and vertigo is unrelated to the Lasik procedure. Your best option would be to talk with your primary care doctor, who can perform a thorough physical examination and determine if there is something going on that needs workup or treatment.

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