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"Can head trauma cause blurred vision?"

ZocdocAnswersCan head trauma cause blurred vision?


Does head trauma ever cause blurred vision? I hit my head while moving furniture earlier today, and now things are a little blurry, just a bit ""out of focus"" seeming. The thing is, I really didn't think I hit my head hard enough to cause a concussion, so is that really the problem?


Closed head injury, or concussion, occurs when the head is struck but no bones in the skull are fractured. However the force of the blow can cause neurological symptoms, bleeding, and other potentially serious problems. When a blow to the head results in symptoms such as headache, nausea, blurry vision, vomiting, or drowsiness, it is important to have a thorough neurological examination to rule out serious brain injury. Furthermore, it may be necessary to have x-rays of the head or neck, especially if your doctor finds any particular area of tenderness to rule out a bone fracture. Finally, depending on the findings of the neurological exam, an emergency room doctor might also wish to perform a CT scan of the head to make sure there is no bleeding inside the skull. As always the diagnosis and the management of your particular concern requires a physical examination by your personal physician. The symptoms you have are concerning and should be evaluated immediately by a doctor.

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