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"When should one start laser treatment?"

ZocdocAnswersWhen should one start laser treatment?


When is the ideal time to get laser eye surgery? I'm 22 and I know your eyes continue to change and develop through your 20s, so I don't want to do it before it's useful, but I definitely want to get the procedure done as soon as I can. So what is the right age?


While there is no perfect answer, it appears that you've already started to understand some of the thoughts that go into making the right decision. In general, your vision will need to have been steady (as defined by no change in your prescription) for at least 2 years prior to engaging in any conversation about eye surgery. At that point, an appointment with a trusted ophthalmologist will be able to guide you more fully with regards to what specific timeline is right for you. You will need to undergo an ocular exam at that time, which will provide the physician with essential information suggesting if you are an appropriate candidate for the procedure at that time. During this process, it is also helpful to obtain a second opinion if you have any questions or want to feel even more comfortable about the process. Now, for some basic guidelines (with the caveat, again, that there is no perfect time for anyone, and that you will need to see a physician and have an exam to know for sure): as you have stated, the 20s are a time of change (for your eyes, too). Also, if you are pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant, that can significantly change your vision. After you vision has stabilized in this period, many people will remain stable for several years until age related changes begin to occur later in life, which does provide a treatment window. Again, please speak in person with an ophthalmologist regarding your specific situation.

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