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"Can Lasik surgery cause lesions to form in the eye?"

ZocdocAnswersCan Lasik surgery cause lesions to form in the eye?


I'm wanting to get Lasik surgery for my atrocious eyesight, but I'm concerned about the safety of the procedure, because they haven't been around for very long. Is it true that the surgery can cause lesions to form inside your eye that can cause problems as you age?


The idea for lasik surgery and its early usage was in the late 1980s. There are three steps to the procedure. The first step involves the creation of a corneal flap using a microkeratome. This flap is retracted back prior to the next step of the procedure. At this point, the lasik machine is used to reshape the corneal stroma. The final step is that your ophthalmologist will replace the corneal flap created, ensuring that there is no air bubbles or problems with the corneal flap that can affect your vision. It is true that the procedure forms small areas of scar formation within the eye with the use of this laser, but the goal of the procedure is to form these small areas of scar to reshape your eye and change where the light hits the back of your eye, thereby allowing you to see without the use of glasses or contacts. People usually notice improvement in their vision soon after the procedure is completed. The risks, benefits, alternatives and complications of this procedure must be discussed with your ophthalmologist, because they are beyond the scope of this discussion. Some people notice that their eyesight slowly diminishes again after this procedure, possibly requiring a touch up.

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