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"How soon does a pregnanct woman begin showing?"


How soon does a pregnant woman begin showing? I'm only a couple months pregnant now, but I know that it's going to be sort of an issue at my job when other people can definitely tell that I'm pregnant.


Initially during a pregnancy it is very common not to 'show.' This is because the uterus is located deep in the pelvis behind the pelvic bones. It grows slowly as the baby grows, and it takes a number of months for it to emerge from behind the pelvic bones.

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While it is behind the pelvic bones, you probably will not show at all. By 3 months or so, however, the uterus is beginning to emerge from the pelvis, therefore most women do show by about 4 months or so. However there is a great deal of individual variation, and some women do not show until 6 months. Women who have been pregnant before are more likely to show earlier, as their abdominal muscles tend to be more relaxed and to stretch out sooner. As always the management of your prenatal care is best done in collaboration with your OB / GYN doctor. Making sure to keep up with your regular prenatal care office visits is strongly recommended.

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