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"What are the effects of vaginal repair surgery?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are the effects of vaginal repair surgery?


After the last time I gave birth, I started researching vaginal repair surgery to undo some of the damage I sustained during labor. Is it true that these kinds of surgery aren't always safe? I'd like to repair the damage, but not at the risk of, say, being incontinent for the rest of my life.


Sometimes during vaginal birth, the vagina and perineum (the area of tissue between the vagina and anus) gets torn or damaged. Most of the time, these damages are repaired immediately after birth. Sometimes these repairs are incomplete, or the healing process leaves the vagina still damaged. This situation is not all that common. Most of the time, the repairs that occur after birth area adequate for healing. When they are not adequate, then vaginal surgery can be performed at a later date. While all surgeries have risks, vaginal surgery tends to be fairly safe. The risks you will face will depend on where in your vagina you need repair. If the damage is near the vaginal opening, then the surgery will most likely cary little risk. It is true that the muscles that allow for you to keep urine in your bladder are near the vagina. Thus there is a theoretical risk that surgery to this area could damage these muscles and cause incontinence. Only an OB / GYN (preferably the one you used for your last birth) can tell you what your individual risk for this complication will be. I imagine that is a very unlikely event. Good luck, I hope that this all works out for you.

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