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"Does a blue tint on the cervix indicate pregnancy?"


If a woman's cervix takes on a blue tint, is that an indication of pregnancy? I am looking at my cervix with a mirror and that?s what I'm noticing. I don't want to overreact, but I was already worried that I was pregnant, and this isn't helping.


A blue tint to the cervix is a sign of pregnancy. However, it is not 100% and does not say that you are pregnancy for sure. I encourage you to take a home urine pregnancy test and talk to your OB/GYN or primary care doctor.

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A blue tint to the cervix is a sign of pregnancy. In fact, before we had urine tests and other blood tests to look for HCG (the pregnancy hormone), doctors would rely on this as an indication of possible pregnancy. A blue tinted cervix in early pregnancy is known as Chadwick's Sign. It normally occurs 6-8 weeks after pregnancy. The blue tint can also sometimes involve the labia or vagina. Other early signs of pregnancy include breast enlargement or tenderness, increased urination, morning sickness or a missed period. Talk to your doctor. The blue tint comes from the blood vessels in the cervix expanding and pooling blood in the cervix. Like veins that you might see on your skin--this has a blue color as the blood lacks the oxygen that makes it red. The estrogen increase causes this pooling. Some people constantly have a blue tint to their cervix because of their anatomy. Some people get a blue tint during every period--even without pregnancy as the estrogen levels increase. Therefore, it is not 100% confirmation of pregnancy. If you have other signs of pregnancy + Chadwick's sign I would seriously consider pregnancy. Talk to your OB/GYN immediately.

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