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"How long before fallopian tubes with a fetus burst?"


I am very early on in a pregnancy and I've started feeling pain in my abdomen. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow, but I just want to know my odds. If this is a pregnancy, how long would it take for my fallopian tubes to burst?


I think the question you are asking is if your pregnancy was ectopic, what the chances are that the embryo is in your fallopian tube and will cause fallopian tube rupture. I am sure that by the time you get this answer, you will have gone to the doctor and determined if your pregnancy was intrauterine or ectopic. Nevertheless, I will give you some information that will hopefully be useful to you in the future.

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Ectopic pregnancies are pregnancies that implant outside of the uterus. While most of them implant in the fallopian tubes, sometimes they will implant somewhere in on the abdominal wall. When they implant in the fallopian tube, there is a chance that they will burst. The chance of this depends on too many factors to give you odds (where it implanted, how far along, etc). All ectopic pregnancies need to be terminated to prevent death of the mother. Make sure that you have one OBGYN that you trust to carry you through a pregnancy. If this pregnancy did end up being ectopic then you had it terminated. In the future, continue to be aware of your symptoms early in pregnancy so you can get needed treatment as early as possible. Good luck.

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