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"How often should a pregnant woman have ultrasounds?"


How many ultrasounds should a pregnant woman have? How often should you have them? My wife and I just found out that she's pregnant, so I'm trying to create a good schedule for us to see our doctor.


Often many doctors will perform an ultrasound early after the women suspects that she is pregnant. This ultrasound is mostly performed to confirm the pregnancy and, if the fetus is between 7 and 13 weeks of age, then this is also used to confirm the age of the pregnancy and provide a due date. After 13 weeks, the accuracy of dating by ultrasound goes down.

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Another important ultrasound usually occurs around 18-20 weeks of the pregnancy. This is called the screening ultrasound, and it is performed to make sure there are no major fetal defects, such as heart problems. This ultrasound is performed at this time because at 18-20 weeks all the major organs are developed. After the screening ultrasound, ultrasounds are used only as necessary and as questions or problems arise. As always the management of your wife's prenatal care is best done in collaboration with her OB / GYN doctor. Making sure to keep up with the regularly scheduled prenatal visits is highly recommended.

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