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"What is the effect of having multiple miscarriages?"


Is there a long-term effect on a woman's health when she has multiple miscarriages? I'm 26 and I have had two mid-term miscarriages that I'm worried have left me damaged or more likely to have another miscarriage. Are there special risks if I get pregnant?


What you have gone through must be horrible. The best type of physician to see about this problem is an OBGYN. Miscarriages are very common and it isn't hard to find women who have had 2 of them.

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Most women that have more than one miscarriage do not have an identifiable cause. In your case you had 2 mid-term miscarriages which is a little more unusual. Certain abnormalities of your uterus should be ruled out as causes for your lost pregnancies. Even if you do not have an identifiable cause of your miscarriages, you still have a higher chance of having another one than a woman that has had no miscarriages. Careful monitoring of your future pregnancies will be important for you in the future. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with the OBGYN that cared for you during your last pregnancy. Make sure that you have undergone the appropriate work up for causes of mid term pregnancy losses. Although likely it has been ruled out. Make sure that your uterus does not have an anomalous shape. Hopefully, these miscarriages were due to random genetic problems that naturally cause spontaneous abortions. Good luck with your future pregnancies.

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