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"Can one ovulate if both fallopian tubes are blocked?"


Is it possible for a woman whose fallopian tubes are both blocked or scarred to ovulate normally? I've been trying to understand this since my obgyn said that I have pretty extensive fallopian tube damage - which is strange because my ovulation doesn't seem that abnormal. What's going on here?


Uncertainty with the healthy of our reproductive organs can be a source of a lot of distress. This is an example of how we as physicians need to do a better job explaining our findings and opinions to our patients. The best type of physician to meet with about this is your OBGYN.

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The job of the fallopian tubes it to catch an ovulated ovum from the ovary, stage the fertilization with a sperm, and transport the embryo down to the uterus for implantation. Thus even with fallopian tube damage, you should have normal ovulation since that is controlled by the ovaries and not the fallopian tubes. Symptoms of a abnormal ovulation include menstrual cycle variability including short an along periods and missed periods. Syndromes that cause abnormal ovulation include polycystic ovarian syndrome. I suggest that you schedule an another appointment with your OBGYN, especially if you are considering getting pregnant soon. You need to understand completely the condition you have in your fallopian tubes so that you know if you will have trouble getting pregnant some day. You also will want to know if you are at risk for any additional pregnancy complications if you do get pregnant. Good luck.

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