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"Can one have pregnancy symptoms and not be pregnant?"


If a woman who's 24 has symptoms of pregnancy (like morning sickness for several days), is it still possible that she is not pregnant? I've been worried about this since I missed my last period, and I haven't taken a test yet.


Any time you have symptoms of pregnancy without knowing whether you are pregnant or not, it can be a source of anxiety. The best type of physician to see about this issue is an OBGYN. Symptoms of morning sickness are fairly non specific and can be seen in many different illnesses as well as pregnancy.

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However, morning sickness in a sexually active women who has missed a period is very suspicious of pregnancy. In fact out of all the possible causes of stopped periods, pregnancy is the most common one. Of course it is still possible that you are not pregnant. There are other causes such as rapid weight loss which can cause sickness and a missed period. This along with other possibilities are less likely than pregnancy. I suggest that you first go out and buy a home pregnancy test at the grocery store. These tests are cheep, and if used correctly, they are very accurate. Whether it is positive or not, you should schedule an appointment with your OBGYN. If you are pregnant then it can be your first visit for your new pregnancy. If you are not pregnant, then you can be evaluated for your missed period. Good luck.

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