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"Why would one not start their period after childbirth?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy would one not start their period after childbirth?


Why would a woman's period not start again after childbirth? I am 30 and I gave birth to my first child two months ago and I haven't had my period yet. Are most women like this? How long should I expect it to take? When should I be worried, if not now?


Any change in your body that you were not anticipating after childbirth should be reported to a doctor. The best type of doctor to approach about this problem is an OBGYN After childbirth the normal cycle return is delayed. This is because the hormone prolactin, which is secreted immediately after birth and causes milk production in the breasts. Prolactin also has the effect of turning off the cycling hormones LH and FSH which are responsible for keeping the normal cycle going. Thus while prolactin is high, you will likely not have a period. If you are breast feeding, this period where you do not have a menstrual cycle may extend out 6 months or more. If you are not breast feeding, then you will probably expect your periods to resume soon. Other more rare causes of periods stopping after childbirth include Sheehan's syndrome which occurs after a traumatic birth with a lot of blood loss. I suggest that you contact the OBGYN that you used for your recent pregnancy. Run this issue of when you will start you periods. The answer will very depending on if you have decided to breast feed, and if you have elected to take any hormonal contraception during your immediate postpartum time. Good luck.

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