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"Can one get a oophorectomy and hysterectomy simultaneously?"


I'm 41 and I am going to have to get a oophorectomy because I have ovarian cancer. If I elected to get my uterus removed for health reasons, could I get that done at the same time as my oophorectomy? Or will they have to be separate procedures to do it safely?


I think it is great that you are thinking ahead to health needs other than your current one to ovoid unnecessary procedures in the future. The best type of physician to talk to about this issue is your OBGYN, specifically the gynecology oncologist that will be performing your oophorectomy. The answer to this question depends largely on the preference of the surgeon.

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I will say that in my experience having your uterus removed at the same time as your ovaries is a very common procedure that can be done almost just as safely as doing just one of them. The technical name of the procedure is a TAH / BSO which stands for a total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo oophorectomy. The only question is that if you have an indication of having your uterus removed. Sometimes, the uterus is removed with the ovaries when an ovarian tumor is present, sometimes it isn't. It just depends on the patient. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with the gyn - onc surgeon that will be performing your oophorectomy. He or she can run through your particular indications for a hysterectomy and see if you would benefit from one. It is possible that your surgeons is already planning on doing one. Good luck with your procedure.

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