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"Does removing a fallopian tube reduce one's period frequency?"


If I get one fallopian tube removed (due to a very large and serious cyst), will that reduce the frequency at which I have my period? I wouldn't mind having fewer periods, but it seems like it will make it more difficult to know if I'm healthy / pregnant.


It is important for you to be informed if any new procedures or medications will effect your periods so that you are prepared for any changes. The best type of physician to meet with about this issue is an OBGYN. Your cycles are governed by interactions between the hypothalamus in the brain, the pituitary gland below the brain, the ovaries, and the inner lining of uterus.

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Besides its role in delivering the fertilized egg to the uterus, the fallopian tubes do not interact with your period. Therefore, I expect that you will not notice any difference in the timing and character of your periods (sorry). This would not be the case if you were also having your uterus removed. If you were having this done (also known as a hysterectomy), then your periods would stop and you would no longer be able to get pregnant. Having a fallopian tube removed should allow you to still get pregnant, though it may take a few more tries. I suggest that you schedule and appointment with the OBGYN that you plan on using for your fallopian tube removal. Have him or her discuss any changes you can expect with respect to symptoms and likelihood of getting pregnant. Good luck.

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