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"Are the ovaries and fallopian tubes known as a collective unit?"

ZocdocAnswersAre the ovaries and fallopian tubes known as a collective unit?


Is there a word for the ovaries and fallopian tubes together? I will probably get all of it removed (due to cancer) and would rather just say I had a ovarian-fallopian-ectomy rather than explaining the whole thing every time.


The medical terminology used to describe the removal of reproductive organs is complex and sometimes confusing. Commonly, women have their uterus removed. This is called a hysterectomy. The most common type of hysterectomy involves removing the whole uterus and the cervix and is done through an abdominal incision - this is called a total abdominal hysterectomy. Commonly, when the uterus is removed the fallopian tubes and the ovaries are often also removed, especially as you say if there is a question of cancer. Removal of the ovaries is an oophorectomy, whereas removal of the fallopian tubes is a salpingectomy. Removal of both together is a salpingoopherectomy. The most common operation, which takes out the uterus, and both fallopian tubes with ovaries is therefore a total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingoophorectomies. As always the management of your particular treatment plan is best done in collaboration with the doctor who will be performing the surgery. Setting up a visit with this doctor to go through all of your questions prior to the operation is highly recommended.

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