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"Why would one's scrotum itch only at night?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy would one's scrotum itch only at night?


Why would a man's scrotum itch? but only at night? I really don't think this is an STD or anything, because I've never heard of STD symptoms being related to the time of day. I have had scrotal acne before, but it was never itchy. Help?


There is no skin condition which would in and of itself cause itching of the skin only at night. It is possible that whatever condition you have is noticeable only at night, because you are quiet and relaxed and not paying attention to other things. During the day, your normal work and other activities might simply distract you from noticing the itch. Another possibility is that the itching is related to something you do right before bed. For example, if you shower or clean your genitals before bed, it may be that you are having an allergic reaction to the soap or cleaning products that you are using. Alternatively, perhaps you simply have dry skin, and the hot water and soap dries out the skin more and causes it to itch. The symptoms you have, as you say, are very unlikely to be an sexually transmitted infection. If you notice blisters or ulcers on the penis itself, or burning or pain with urination, then those would be symptoms more consistent with a sexually transmitted infection. Other than an allergy or dry skin, the other most common possible skin condition would be a fungal infection (jock itch), characterized by red, flaking, and scaling skin. This will respond to a topical antifungal cream. If these suggestions do not work, then you should show the area of concern to your primary care doctor.

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