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"How can one treat spider veins on the face?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can one treat spider veins on the face?


What is the best way to treat spider veins on a man's face? I'm in my early 40s and the spider veins on the side of my nose make me look older than I am, which is making me uneasy with people. Is there a consensus on the best way to treat them?


Spider veins can occur when the valve system in the veins breaks down with age causing the veins to become engorged and visible under the skin. Although spider veins are more common in women, they can also occur in men. They are not medically dangerous, and they only require treatment for cosmetic reasons. The most common and the most effective form of treatment for spider veins is sclerotherapy. Basically sclerotherapy involves injecting an irritating chemical in the vein, causing them to close off and go away. This treatment, although very effective, is sometimes painful and is often avoided on the face unless there are just one are two large spider veins to be targeted. The other major treatment option is targeted treatment of the area with high intensity laser light. Laser light has the advantage of not requiring any needles or injections. However, it can be less effective in those with very dark skin. Also it tends to be quite expensive, and usually multiple treatment rounds are required, up to 4-5, in order to completely get rid of the spider veins. The best first step is to talk with your dermatologist to discuss your options.

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